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Exam 2. Example of retrieving web page of in Dynamic IP and TCP Client mode

1. Set WIZ550S2E with Dynamic IP

Set WIZ550S2E with Dynamic IP.

<TX> AT+NSET=D\r\n
<RX> [S]\r\n

If you check with AT+NSTAT command after above command, you can get response like below.

<RX> [S,,D,,,,]\r\n

2. Get IP address of

Obtain IP address of by DNS function like below command.

<RX> [S,,]\r\n

3. Connect to google web server

Make TCP Client socket to connect to
AT+NOPEN needs Server's IP address not Domain name, so you should put IP address which you got by above command AT_FDNS
You can see that local port number was not written.
If you don't write local port number, local port number will be allocated dynamically by WIZ550S2E.

<TX> AT+NOPEN=C,,,80\r\n
<RX> [W,0]\r\n[S,0]\r\n

You can check the current status of the socket which you made with AT+NSOCK. Below is an example of it.

<TX> AT+NSOCK=0\r\n
<RX> [S,,C,2014,,80]\r\n

4. Send data to google web server

Let WIZ550S2E send 18 bytes data to with below command

<TX> AT+NSEND=0,18\r\nGET / HTTP/1.1\r\n\r\n
<RX> [W,0]\r\n[S,0]\r\n

5. receive data from

If WIZ550S2E receives data from, you can know its data size and data like below.

<RX> [R,0,523]\r\nHTTP/1.1 302 Found\r\nCache-Control: private\r\nContent-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8\r\n..............

6. Disconnect current TCP connection

Do send command like below to disconnect current connection.

<TX> AT+NCLOSE=0\r\n
<RX> [W,0]\r\n[S,0]\r\n
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