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 ===using W5500:=== ===using W5500:===
 +  * [[oshw_using_wiznet:​var_products#​W5500CoB (ESoPe)|W5500CoB (ESoPe)]]
   * [[oshw_using_wiznet:​var_products#​W5500BoB (ESoPe)|W5500BoB (ESoPe)]]   * [[oshw_using_wiznet:​var_products#​W5500BoB (ESoPe)|W5500BoB (ESoPe)]]
   * [[oshw_using_wiznet:​var_products#​Netzwerk Adapter (eHaJo)|Netzwerk Adapter (eHaJo)]]   * [[oshw_using_wiznet:​var_products#​Netzwerk Adapter (eHaJo)|Netzwerk Adapter (eHaJo)]]
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