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-===== Overview ===== +== W5500 Application ​== 
-<​markdown>​ +
-IPRAW is the type of data communication that uses IP layer, which is the lower protocol layer of UDP and TCP.  ​+
-W5500 is embedded a Hardwired TCP/IP that is structured from Link layer to Transport later, excluding ​the Application Layer in [OSI 4 layers](http://​​wiki/​OSI_model). ​  +Refer to the following ​application ​examples.
-The W5500 supports IPRAW mode for data processing in IP layer protocols like [ICMP](http://​​wiki/​Internet_Control_Message_Protocol) (0x01) and [IGMP](http://​​wiki/​Internet_Group_Management_Protocol) (0x02) according to the protocol number.  +
-But if user needs, the host can directly process the IPRAW by opening the SOCKET n to IPRAW.  +
-This application note described ICMP, one of the IP Layer’s protocol, and how it is used as a simple Ping application. +
- +
-</​markdown>​  +
-{{page>​products:​w5500:​application:​ipraw:​pingtest}} +
- +
-For more information [[:​products:​w5500:​start|W5500]] chip please also refer to the chip's datasheet:​ +
 +  *  [[:​products:​w5500:​application:​tcp_function|TCP]]
 +  *  [[:​products:​w5500:​application:​udp_function|UDP]]
 +  *  [[:​products:​w5500:​application:​ipraw|IPRAW]]
 +  *  [[:​products:​w5500:​application:​pppoe|PPPoE]]
 +  *  [[:​products:​w5500:​application:​spi_performance|SPI Performance]]
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